Basics in SAS ODS – Main Points & Options

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    ODS- Output Delivery System.
    You can direct sas output to different destinations.
    Available types of output :-
    • the standard SAS listing
    • HTML
    • PS, PDF, PCL
    • RTF
    • Output Data Sets
    • XML
    extensions- .html , .rtf, .pdf, .txt, .xml

    ods type file=”&path\abc.type extension”

    ods type close;
    or ods _all_close

    ods desti file=” filename ” style=”style-template

    the options available with the ODS statement including the FILE=,
    CONTENTS=, FRAME=, NEWFILE=, and STYLE=. The ODS PROCLABEL statement is also used.

    How to see available styles :-
    proc template ;
    list styles;

    SAS report in Microsoft excel:-

    ods destinations to use is:-

    csvall .csv
    MSOFFICE2K .html

    we can also use xls extension in order to ope the file in excel in SAS.

    ods csvall file=”……xls”
    ods msoffice2k file=”—–.xls”
    ods tagsets.excelxp file=”………..xls”
    Some examples:-

    ods html file=”abc.htm”
    proc print data=sashelp.class; run;
    ods html close;

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