Python Packages mostly used in SAS to Python Migration?

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    Python Packages mostly used in SAS to Python Migration:-

    • Pandas – Provides high performance, easy-to-use data structures and data analysis tools, including easy
    methods of importing and exporting data files.
    • datetime – This is a module contained in the standard Python library, with several useful functions for working with date and time data.
    NumPy – ‘Numerical Python’ this is the core library for scientific computing. It contains a powerful n-dimensional array object. It also has uses in linear algebra and random number operations. I see some use for this in the simulation / random generation of data. However, the mathematical operations that it provides, are not so useful
    with the datasets we work with. Especially when compared to the functionality pandas offers.
    • MatPlotLib – 2D plotting library, which can produce publication quality figures in a variety of hardcopy formats
    and interactive environments across platforms.
    • Scikit-Learn – Useful module for getting started with machine learning in Python. Contains simple and efficient
    tools for data mining and data analysis. For further documentation see

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