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I have tried to explain SAS DLM,DLMSTR,DELIMITER options and SAS DATALINES4 Statement through simple examples. /* default delimiter is blank. */ /* with the delimiter= or DLM= or DLMSTR= option in the INFILE statement. */ data set1; length n1 $ 12; input n1 $ s1 s2; datalines; R 11 4435 H 10 110 ; run; data set1; […]



Topics on SAS Arrays

1.what is the syntax of SAS Array? array array-name {n} <$> array-elements <(initial-values)>; The ARRAY statement is a compiler statement within the data step. In addition, the array elements cannot be used in compiler...

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Functions in Python Programming for Data Science

I am really impressed with two online courses one is “Analytics in Python” at edX by ColombiaX and another is “Python for Data Science” at or (Previously Bigdatauniversity). So i am going to document what ever i will learn about functions in these two courses. First there are Built-in functions(Ready made for use), such […]

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String Functions in SAS and Python

I always believe SAS and Python can make a great team together for Data Scientists. So Why Now we study them together. In this Post we will discuss various String functions in SAS and Python. String Functions in Python 3 Hope you must have gone through my previous post “Python Programming- Strings explained“. len(): returns […]

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