SAS Proc Report Tutorials:- Sample Code

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First immerse yourself in learning the Basic options of Proc Report because there are too many and you may get overwhelmed.

A Sample Code for you:-

proc sql;
create table newbaseball as
SELECT ‘Name’n as Team, nAtBat , nHits , nHome , nRuns , nRBI , nBB , YrMajor ,
CrAtBat , CrHits , CrHome , CrRuns , CrRbi , CrBB , League , Division ,
‘Position’n as Position , nOuts , nAssts , nError , Salary , ‘Div’n as Div, logSalary
order by Team;

ods pdf file=”/home/lochanrajeev20130/demo1.pdf” ;
proc report data=newbaseball;
column League Name nAtBat (Salary Position ) ;

define League/ group ‘League’;
define Name/’Name’;
define nAtBat/ ‘nAtBat’ ;
define Salary/’Salary’ ;
define Position/’Position’ ;

ods pdf close;

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