Top Basic Statistics Free Courses for Data Science Online

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Want to Learn Statistics for Entry in Futuristic Data Science World, Look No further we have curated some Top Basic Statistics Free Courses for Data Science Links for You. These courses are free of Cost but Best i Say even not many paid courses can come Close.

Let us Start Listing These courses.

1.ProbStat – SELF PACED Probability and Statistics by Stanford University.

This Probability and Statistics is free and self-Paced. Introduction Page Says “

This course is self-paced: there are no due dates, and you are welcome to work through as much or as little of the material as is appropriate for you. That said, we strongly recommend that everyone look through the Introduction unit. It provides a general introduction to the content as well as some orientation on how to use the resource materials.

Note also that this course is provided free of charge. There is no instructor involved, and no credit, Statement of Accomplishment, or any type of verification or certification of completion is given. The course is simply here for people who want to learn more about Statistics.”

Course Link

2.Statistics 1: Introduction to ANOVA, Regression, and Logistic Regression

If you are fan of Legendary SAS then this is the must course to finish.


3.The Analytics Edge

I am in awe of this Free course available at EDX. If you know R or even a beginner then you will certainly love this course.

Want to Add a Verified Certificate from MIT then it will be a Paid course (certification Fee)

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