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Proc Contents Syntax, points to remember

Basic Syntax is:- PROC CONTENTS DATA=abc; RUN; proc contents data=libref.filename <options> options:- CENTILES Print centiles information for indexed variables DATA= Specify the input data set DETAILS|NODETAILS Include information in the output about the number...

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Topics on SAS Arrays

1.what is the syntax of SAS Array? array array-name {n} <$> array-elements <(initial-values)>; The ARRAY statement is a compiler statement within the data step. In addition, the array elements cannot be used in compiler statements such as DROP or KEEP. I Array Q...

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Functions in Python Programming for Data Science

I am really impressed with two online courses one is “Analytics in Python” at edX by ColombiaX and another is “Python for Data Science” at cognitiveclass.ai or (Previously Bigdatauniversity). So i am going to document what ever i will learn about functions in these two courses. First there are Built-in functions(Ready made for use), such […]

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String Functions in SAS and Python

I always believe SAS and Python can make a great team together for Data Scientists. So Why Now we study them together. In this Post we will discuss various String functions in SAS and Python. String Functions in Python 3 Hope you must have gone through my previous post “Python Programming- Strings explained“. len(): returns […]

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Types in Python Explained- Built-in Data types

Next chapter to ‘My First Python Program and Introduction to Jupyter Notebooks’ is ‘Types in Python’. I am following The course in “Python For Data Science” at cognitiveclass.ai and these Posts are way of me documenting what i have learnt. Built-in Data types Python Programming/Data Types – Wikibooks is one good read that you must not miss. You can also […]

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Python Condition & Branching:- The elif statement

In this Basic Python Tutorials Our Topic of Discussion will be Python Condition & Branching. First Let us start with   COMPARISON OPERATORS   Comparison operations compare some value or operand. Comparison operators compare two values and evaluate down to a single Boolean value. Boolean data type has only two values: True and False. it has same functionality […]

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Normal distribution in Statistical Analysis

Very often we study and use normal distribution for statistical analysis. It is a mathematical function where height is determined in terms of probability density. Normal distribution is symmetrical. If we draw a line By centre we get same shape on both sides. We can study normal distribution with the help of mean and standard […]

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Two sample t-test with SAS explained

Two sample t-test is to compare two population averages by comparing two independent samples. A common experiment design is to have a test and control conditions and then randomly assign a subject into either one. One variable to be measured and compared between two samples.

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SAS Proc Report Tutorials:- Sample Code

First immerse yourself in learning the Basic options of Proc Report because there are too many and you may get overwhelmed. A Sample Code for you:- proc sql; create table newbaseball as SELECT ‘Name’n as Team, nAtBat , nHits , nHome , nRuns , nRBI , nBB , YrMajor , CrAtBat , CrHits , CrHome […]

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