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Functions in Python Programming for Data Science

I am really impressed with two online courses one is “Analytics in Python” at edX by ColombiaX and another is “Python for Data Science” at or (Previously Bigdatauniversity). So i am going to document what ever i will learn about functions in these two courses. First there are Built-in functions(Ready made for use), such […]

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String Functions in SAS and Python

I always believe SAS and Python can make a great team together for Data Scientists. So Why Now we study them together. In this Post we will discuss various String functions in SAS and Python. String Functions in Python 3 Hope you must have gone through my previous post “Python Programming- Strings explained“. len(): returns […]

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Types in Python Explained- Built-in Data types

Next chapter to ‘My First Python Program and Introduction to Jupyter Notebooks’ is ‘Types in Python’. I am following The course in “Python For Data Science” at and these Posts are way of me documenting what i have learnt. Built-in Data types Python Programming/Data Types – Wikibooks is one good read that you must not miss. You can also […]

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Python Condition & Branching:- The elif statement

In this Basic Python Tutorials Our Topic of Discussion will be Python Condition & Branching. First Let us start with   COMPARISON OPERATORS   Comparison operations compare some value or operand. Comparison operators compare two values and evaluate down to a single Boolean value. Boolean data type has only two values: True and False. it has same functionality […]

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Python Tutorials | Pandas Methods to Analyze your Data

Master Panda is at His Best Our post ‘Pandas Methods to Analyze your Data’ is based on  Data Analysis with Python  online course at  In this post we will learn various Pandas Methods to Analyze your data. Hope you have gone through Importing and Exporting Data(CSV format) in Python- Pandas way  post, if you are not then please do, as this […]

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Python Programming Tutorial- Expressions and Variables

‘Python Programming Tutorial- Expressions and Variables’ post is follow up to ‘Types in Python Explained- Built-in Data types‘. All posts in this series are based on course “Python For Data Science” at Python Expressions Expressions are operations that Python performs. For example, basic arithmetic operations like adding multiple numbers. You can check in Jupyter Notebooks by […]

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Python Programming- Strings explained

‘Python Programming- Strings explained’ post is follow up to Python Programming Tutorial- Expressions and Variables post. All posts in this series are based on course “Python For Data Science” at Watch the Video Python Strings Python has a built-in string class named “str” with many handy features. A ‘string’ is simply a list of characters in order. A character is anything you can […]

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Python Packages for Data Science- Short Intro

I am religiously following the Data Analysis with Python online course at I have found the courses at interesting and informative. Courses are very simple and requires your utmost attention. They have correctly stayed away from being over interactive(yes this is the very bad trend spread across most of Data science course found online). My only concern […]

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My First Python Program and Introduction to Jupyter Notebooks

Every time you see “Hello World” is printing by means of code, you know One is trying a New Programming language. So Today is no different i am trying to learn python and first program will be printing “Hello World”. I am a fan of CognitniveClass’ courses They are easy, neatly demonstrated, no fancy ‘Interactive […]

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