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Proc Contents Syntax, points to remember

Basic Syntax is:- PROC CONTENTS DATA=abc; RUN; proc contents data=libref.filename <options> options:- CENTILES Print centiles information for indexed variables DATA= Specify the input data set DETAILS|NODETAILS Include information in the output about the number...

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Topics on SAS Arrays

1.what is the syntax of SAS Array? array array-name {n} <$> array-elements <(initial-values)>; The ARRAY statement is a compiler statement within the data step. In addition, the array elements cannot be used in compiler statements such as DROP or KEEP. I Array Q...

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SAS Proc Report Tutorials:- Sample Code

First immerse yourself in learning the Basic options of Proc Report because there are too many and you may get overwhelmed. A Sample Code for you:- proc sql; create table newbaseball as SELECT ‘Name’n as Team, nAtBat , nHits , nHome , nRuns , nRBI , nBB , YrMajor , CrAtBat , CrHits , CrHome […]

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SAS SMC (SAS Management Console) Interview Questions

Be assured if you are appearing for SAS based Job of any kind be it Programmer, Analyst, or SAS VA Developer, you may come across question related to SAS Management Console. 1.How to use SAS Management Console to create SAS folders and SAS libraries and to register tables. 2.How to register tables with SAS Visual […]

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I have tried to explain SAS DLM,DLMSTR,DELIMITER options and SAS DATALINES4 Statement through simple examples. /* default delimiter is blank. */ /* with the delimiter= or DLM= or DLMSTR= option in the INFILE statement. */ data set1; length n1 $ 12; input n1 $ s1 s2; datalines; R 11 4435 H 10 110 ; run; data set1; […]

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SAS Character Functions quick revision for Interview

use a LENGTH statement to set the desired length of a character variable use the concatenation operator (| |) to join two or more character strings use the COMPBL function to convert multiple blanks in a character string to a single blank use the COMPRESS function to remove characters from a string use the VERIFY […]

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